German Pancake — Pancakes in South Bend, IN

House Specialties & Crepes

House Specialties

Please allow at least 25 minutes cooking time for Apple and German Pancakes. Believe us, it's well worth the wait!

The Apple Pancake

Our original world famous apple pancake! A three-inch thick pancake filled with fresh apples and covered with a pure cinnamon sugar glaze. It is absolutely irresistible!

Black Forest German Pancake

This is our famous German pancake from a traditional Black Forest recipe. Oven baked until golden brown, served with fresh lemons and dusted with powdered sugar. It's enchantingly good!

Dutch Baby Pancake

This is a smaller version of the Black Forest German Pancake.

Danish Cherry Kijafa Crepes

Delicate crepes filled with tart cherries poached in sweet cherry syrup and tempered with Danish cherry Kijafa wine, dusted with powdered sugar. Who'd want to resist?!


Thin pancakes filled with a selection of fresh fruit and other sweet toppings

Strawberry Crepes

Delectable crepes filled with fresh, frozen strawberries, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a cloud of whipped cream

Peach Crepes

Filled with juicy peaches in a thick syrup tempered with peach brandy

Palestine Crepes

Delicate crepes rolled with sour cream tempered with Cointreau, then dusted with powdered sugar